100% Natural Organic Beard Growth Oil

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Production License: 20190092
Ingredient: Natural Men Growth Beard Oil
Quantity: 1 Bottle Beard Oil
NET WT: 30 ml

100% Natural Organic Beard Growth Oil Thickener Beard Essential Oil Beard Kit Leave-In Conditioner Hair Growth Nourishing 30ml


-- Healthy ingredient
-- Effectively improve beard bifurcation
-- Make beard smoother and shiner
100% brand new and high quality,
Gentle nourishment improves frizz,
Rich in a variety of natural nutrients,
Infiltrate the roots of hair follicles, repair and activate dormant hair follicles,
Activate hair follicles to repair hair follicles,
Repair damage, protect ingredients to supplement hair nutrition,
Provide nutrient absorption rate,
Protect hair follicles, shape healthy hair in the environment,
Accelerate hair regeneration,
Promote beard, chest hair, abdominal hair growth,
Thick hair shows your charm better.

Package Included: 

1*Beard Essential Oil  

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